California Wire and Strand (formerly CableStrand) has been in business since 1975. Although we started off as a company that mainly supplied product to the jewelry and fishing industries, we have now branched out to several other markets including, but not limited to, the orthodontic and medical fields. We pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality, spec specific, stainless steel wire to various businesses around the world. We are dedicated to meet any and all of your stainless steel wire demands.

Our Vision: To be viewed as the primary source for all high quality, minimum diameter, stranded, stainless steel wire and other related value added products throughout the world

Our Mission: To consistently provide the highest quality, spec specific, stainless steel wire to each and every industry

Our Values:

▪ Quality - All of our product is closely inspected for the highest standards before it is shipped

▪ Reliability - We strive to always provide quality services in a timely manner

▪ Service - Our staff is composed of friendly, responsive, and experienced individuals

▪ Experience - Our skilled employees have made us one of the leading stainless steel wire manufacturers since 1975

▪ Integrity - We pride ourselves in always doing business in an honorable and truthful fashion


You can contact us directly at:


California Wire and Strand Corporation

1151 E Ash Ave

Fullerton, CA 92831

P: 714.366.0604