Twist Weld - 300 ft

This is a 300 foot spool of Twist Weld. It is a black nylon coated leader wire that is made up of 7 strands of stainless steel. Twist Weld leader wire is easy to use and provides a 100% knot strength without the use of a crimp sleeve. This product is 100% American Made, and it is completely lead free. By tightly stranding seven stainless steel wires together, the Twist Weld leader wire refrains from kinking while providing excellent strength. The Twist Weld leader wire is black in color and I have this available in various test sizes and lengths. It is perfect for anyone catching fish with sharp teeth.

The great thing about Twist Weld is that it is quick and easy to make a leader and you don't have to use a crimp sleeve. Due to the special type of nylon used to coat this wire, all you need is a match or lighter to make the perfect leaders! If you still want to use a crimp sleeve, you can do that too.

Instructions for use:

1. Cut the wire leaving approximately 6 inches more wire in excess of desired finish length of the leader.

2. Form a loop being sure to cross the free end over the top and pinch it with your fingers.

3. Wrap the free end in a long spiral 6 to 8 times around the main leader wire, squeezing the two together every half wrap.

4. Cut off excess end. Use a match or flame briefly over the entire wrapping area until the nylon coating flows and fuse welds together. DO NOT burn the nylon completely off the wire. If the nylon coating starts to flame, blow it out since you have sufficiently melted the coating.

5. You now have a strong complete bond, guaranteed not to slip or break!



20 Pound Test (9 kg) - .020" Diameter (.51 mm)

25 Pound Test (11 kg) - .024" Diameter (.61 mm)

30 Pound Test (13 kg) - .026" Diameter (.66 mm)

40 Pound Test (18 kg) - .028" Diameter (.71 mm)

50 Pound Test (23 kg) - .032" Diameter (.81 mm)

80 Pound Test (36 kg) - .038" Diameter (.97 mm)

120 Pound Test (54 kg) - .040" Diameter (1.02 mm)

150 Pound Test (68 kg) - .047" Diameter (1.19 mm)